Thursday, September 2, 2010

weekend in review. [thankful]

I just now have a few moments to reflect and give you a re-cap of the fun and craziness of this past weekend. Starting on Friday- it was a whirlwind of setting up for the Expo [so thankful I was able to order a last minute photobook and pick it up in one day!] I would love for you to see it! Just ask. :) That afternoon- I had a photo session with 9 month old baby Beatrice. [she is so precious... there's a blog post devoted to her coming soon!] Then, I stopped by the art show of the lovely Elise Abigail [one of my fabulous 2nd shooters.] To top that evening off- it was movie [yes. leap year. one of my favorites.] and fondu with my sister... much needed. We headed out for Tulsa the next morning... it was a nice and relaxing trip... if I can say that about a short roadtrip. :) We checked into our hotel... took a breather... then walked down the street to the location of the "first look". I won't spoil the details of the beautiful day... because I will soon have a post devoted to the wedding. :) After lots of beautiful photos in a beautiful location with one very happy couple, we picked up some Braum's ice cream and headed back to the room... for a very early morning was coming. :) After making the trip back to Springfield [there is nothing like driving down the road on a crisp morning as the sun rises... it was lovely.]- we picked up some Starbucks at the new Bistro Market downtown and headed over to the expo. With our arms full of materials we would need for the day- we opened the doors into what would be non-stop hustle and bustle for the next 5 hours. I had such a great time meeting all the brides... it's especially fun to meet people who have been such faithful followers of my work... to put a face with their name. :) I loved the feel of my booth- very "me"- it felt like an exquisite boutique- kind of "couture". Thank you to all who made it possible! At the end of the day- I took a very deep breath... amazed by all of the opportunities that the weekend held... God gave me the strength that I needed- as He always does. I'm constantly amazed by the dreams God has for me- definitely different and greater than I could have dreamed for myself. I ended the day feeling inspired- but quite sleepy- and anticipating a work-free Monday. Here are a couple of "behind the scenes" photos from the weekend. :)


  1. Love the shots with you in them! lol
    Love you!!

  2. thank you so much for stopping by, even though you had a huge-crazy weekend.